Walk in modesty with your God!​—Micah 6:8.

Sometime during King Jeroboam’s reign, Jehovah sent a certain prophet from Judah to deliver a scathing judgment message to that apostate king of Israel. The humble prophet faithfully delivered God’s message, and Jehovah protected his servant from Jeroboam’s violent wrath. (1 Kings 13:1-10) On his way home, the prophet unexpectedly met up with an old man from nearby Bethel. The man claimed to be a prophet of Jehovah. He deceived the younger man into disobeying Jehovah’s strict instructions ‘not to eat bread or drink water in Israel’ and ‘not to return by the way that he came.’ Jehovah was not pleased. Later, on his way home, a lion came across Jehovah’s prophet on the road and killed him. (1 Kings 13:11-24) Why did the once modest prophet presumptuously go along with that deceitful older man? The Bible does not say. But it could be that he completely forgot that he was supposed to be ‘walking modestly with God.’



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