Is the world or universe BUILT ON the TRUTH or on THEORY? And if the existence of the universe is a matter of BUILDING ON then, there has to be the BUILDER. We all know how the WORLD BUILD ON THEORIES looks like. It is one that never could be met or reach because it is constantly changing its POSITIONS, PERCEPTIONS, REALITY and WORLD VIEW. That´s because the true meaning of THEORY is LIE that is always on the RUN.

Ever since the world or universe came into existence SUSPENDED on the PILLAR and foundation of the TRUTH it has never need to go for renovation or reconstruction despite all of the assaults, insults and bombardments from the theoretical world. Unlike all of the human buildings constructed or laid on the pillars and foundations of theories that have to be renovated or reconstructed periodically.

Therefore, THEORY can never be the pillar or foundation upon which existence and or the universe were build on nor, can theory build anything even. All it does is to give the impression of being able to hold together so it could be given the conscious attention and devotion which the real force of influence behind its existence desperately sought from the humans. That is why all that makes up or constitutes the body of the theory are manipulations, deceptions, lies, intimidations, threats, panic confusions, etc.

So because it is the TRUTH that BUILDS and not THEORY that´s why the UNIVERSE and all in existence comes into existence by way of CREATION which starts with the WORD: “let there be” and never any BIG BANG nor EVOLUTIONARY theories.


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